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Chemical pollution – of land, air, rivers, watersheds – has been a festering issue for decades, occasionally prompting resolute action. But only recently has the scale of chemical pollution become more apparent. Invisible Wave, part of the Back to Blue initiative between Economist Impact and The Nippon Foundation, brings the issue of marine chemical pollution to a wider audience that includes policymakers, governments, the chemicals industry itself, the broader business community, the finance sector, civil society and consumers.

Immersive data story on the science of chemical pollution

Chemicals are an essential part of our everyday life but without environmentally friendly methods or production, recycling and disposal, they pose a real and growing threat to our planet. Our immersive data story guides readers through the latest science and evidence on the interactions between chemicals with marine environments - and the steps needed to tackle the problem before it is too late.


A podcast series, led by Charles Goddard and Naka Kondo at Economist Impact, talks to leading experts around the world about the science of chemical pollution in the oceans - and the most promising pathways to tackle the scourge.

Continue reading by downloading the full report: THE INVISIBLE WAVE: GETTING TO ZERO CHEMICAL POLLUTION IN THE OCEAN