March 11th – 13th 2025: World Ocean Summit & Expo 2025

Economist Impact, with the support of official host The Nippon Foundation, is hosting the 12th World Ocean Summit in Tokyo in 2025. With over 14,000 islands, 347,000km of coastline and a blue economy that is forecasted to reach 28 trillion yen by 203, Japan as a maritime nation offers a rich cultural and historical perspective.
To build on the findings from the discussion paper and issues paper and to begin to conceptualise a draft roadmap, Back to Blue is convening a series of virtual stakeholder workshops in 2023. Each workshop will focus on a theme identified within the issues paper, and workshop discussions will inform the development of the draft roadmap
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Past Events

Feb 6th 2024: Eliminating marine chemical pollution: a roadmap for Japan and beyond

This event will bring together experts and stakeholders in research and policy on marine chemical pollution to highlight the severity of the problem, share the best global solutions and discuss what action to take next. The session will also explore policy recommendations for boosting the priority of invisible chemical pollution on national and international agendas, and for raising awareness across the population.

Nov 14: Ocean acidification: a threat to marine ecosystems and economies in the Commonwealth and beyond

The ocean absorbs up to 30% of annual carbon emissions, resulting in a fall in the pH value of its seawaters, thus signifying a rise in their acidity. The past 20–30 years have seen a rapid increase in ocean acidification and, unless decisive actions are taken to mitigate this, it will continue to rise. This event will bring together policymakers, scientists and other ocean experts from within and outside of the Commonwealth to discuss this growing crisis. It will explore the threat ocean acidification poses to marine ecosystems; identify what’s at stake for economies, communities and individuals; and highlight best practices that can help stem its tide.

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