Episode 7: The Invisible Wave: Can green and sustainable chemistry be the solution?

What is green and sustainable chemistry and can it be the solution to marine chemical pollution? What role can the private sector play? Charles Goddard, editorial director at Economist Impact discusses the responses to chemical pollution with Joel Tickner, professor of public health at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Professor Tickner is also the founder and executive director at the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council.

Episode 6: The Invisible Wave: how is marine chemical pollution linked to climate change?

Is chemical pollution a key anthropogenic challenge on a par with climate change and biodiversity loss? Charles Goddard, editorial director at Economist Impact speaks to Pascal Lamy, president of the Paris Peace Forum, and Naoko Ishii, director at the Centre for the Global Commons at University of Tokyo, about marine chemical pollution in a broader context.

Episode 5: Registration and regulation of chemicals

Charles Goddard, editorial director at The Economist Group, speaks to Dr Zhanyun Wang, scientist at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, about the hundreds of thousands of chemicals in existence, how they are managed, and the case of the EU.

Episode 4: Back to Blue – Chemical pollution

Charles Goddard, editorial director at The Economist Group, speaks to Elsie Sunderland at Harvard University and Alex Rogers at REV Ocean about the scope and scale of the problem of chemical pollution in the ocean.

Episode 3: Back to Blue – Plastics Management Index

The inaugural Plastics Management Index (PMI) was launched in early October. Naka Kondo, editor of the report, and Shreya Mukarji, manager of the index development, discuss findings of the PMI.

Episode 2: Back to Blue – an ocean health and sustainability initiative

Senior editor Naka Kondo spoke to Charles Goddard, editorial director, about the Back to Blue initiative by The Economist Group and The Nippon Foundation.

Episode 1: Turning the tide on ocean plastic

On World Oceans Day, senior editor Naka Kondo spoke to Tom Peacock-Nazil, founder of Seven Clean Seas, and his colleague Oli Kade, sustainability specialist, about tackling the problems of plastic pollution in the ocean.

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